044 Fish Don’t Get Married, But You Assume They Would

As we inch ever closer to episode 50 and “The Great Pause” (as we will now refer to it), Star Wars fever officially sets in. This results in a 5 minute opening discussion of the impending The Force Awakens and why obscure ships from throughout the franchise deserve their own Lego sets. Aside from that, the box office segment goes back to the ancient days of 2013, the guys question why none of the characters in Finding Dory¬†appear to have aged over the past 13 years, Matt takes issue with Jurassic World‘s random aspect ratio, and the movie news roundup covers casting developments for Lee Daniels’ upcoming Richard Pryor biopic as well as Ridley Scott’s quest to take back the Alien franchise. Lastly, Matt and Wright each reveal their 7th favorite movie of all time.